Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector with Speaker Dust Protection for iPhone 11 / XR

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  • 3D tempered glass with a flexible frame, speaker dust protector and Anti-Blue Light filter
  • The tempered glass protects every inch of your screen
  • Anti-Blue Light filter 
  • The cellular metal dust proof net protects the receiver from dust and foreign matters during long-term use
  • Only 0,3 mm thickness! Amazing protection without bulking-up the screen
  • With 9H toughness and updated two-layer cobweb anti-compression structure, glass is resistant to scratching, shattering, and cracking
  • Special oleo phobic coating provides great protection from fingerprints, stains, and smudges
  • With high-quality silicon frame, the screen protector is resistant to cracks and nicks
  • Cover does not interfere with touchscreen sensitivity, facial recognition, and photo quality
  • Case friendly – It can be used with soft, hard, glass and liquid silica gel phone cases