Q pow Power Bank with USB Type C Built in Power Cable

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  • Dual USB output, support simultaneous charging of two devices
  • 3A High current, fast charging
  • Small in size, charging in the palm, comfortable to hold
  • With a 2-in-1 charging cable, it also can be used as a handy strap for convenient holding
  • 10000mAh Large capacity and long battery life, meeting multiple charging needs
  • Digital display screen for showing remaining power


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model: BS-P1002L
  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Rated capacity: 5800mAh
  • Type-C Input: 5V-3A max.
  • IP input: 5V-2A max.
  • USB & Type-C output: 5V-3A max.
  • USB Type C cable output: 5V-3A max.
  • Total output: 5V-3A max.
  • Battery: polymer battery

Package included:

  • 1 x Power Bank
  • 1 x English and Chinese User Manual
  • Other things not included