Type-C MVP Elbow Type Data Cable

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  • Durable USB cable with elbow type USB-C plug
  • Elbow type plug – Prevents the cable from being damaged or falling off accidentally and makes it comfortable to use
  • Perfect for gamers – It does not block your hands when you are charging your mobile phone and playing games
  • Durable and reliable – Made of high-quality TPE material with special nylon and fishing line braid
  • 1.5A current and tinned copper wire provide faster and more secure charging
  • Suitable for every device with a USB-C port


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: MVP
  • Plugs: USB / USB-C
  • Material: Nylon + TPE
  • Current: 5V/1.5A
  • Weight: 41 g
  • Functions: Charging / Data transfer
  • Compatibility: Devices with USB-C port
  • Additional features: Elbow plug design

Packaging includes:

  • 1x Type-C MVP Elbow Type Data Cable
  • Other items not included