GAMO around-ear USB headphones with microphone and remote for players

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USB circumaural headphones with microphone and remote control Baseus GAMO for players - gray (NGD05-01)

Each player understands how important the audible sound is in the virtual world of racing, fights and strategic games. It is with them in mind that Baseus designed the GAMO Immersive Virtual 3D headphones . By putting them on your ears, you will hear every sound precisely - even the smallest rustle in your surroundings. This is due to the innovative three-dimensional algorithm . With the remote control built into the cable, you can control the flowing sounds with one hand. For a great visual effect, the headphones light up in different colors .


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model: NGD05-01
  • Material: ABS and braided wire
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Connection to computer: USB or USB Type-C interface

The most important advantages of the Baseus GAMO NGD05-01 headphones:

  • Sound quality that will surprise you . Baseus headphones are equipped with the patented Bongiovi technology
  • You have full control over your audio . A special remote control has been built into the cable
  • They are sure to impress - the headphones pulsate with colors when used
  • For playing, listening to music and working . They will help cut off external sounds for even better focus
  • Convenient and comfortable . You can wear them for a long time


How it's working?

These professional headphones use proprietary Bongiovi technology - the incoming sound is recorded in a manner compatible with the Human Ear Recognition System (HRTF). In a New York studio, when recording albums, stars such as Madonna, Mariah Carey and Bob Dylan use its capabilities. A software algorithm for debugging sounds takes the user to another dimension of the game. This is due to as many as 12 available bands, which not only improve the quality of the music, but also reduce chaos and noise outside the game. The frequency is divided into 120 processing points and used for calculations and corrections. In this way, it perfectly analyzes the sound received from all directions.

Remote control for special tasks

There is a multifunctional remote control on the nylon cord that allows you to change the settings of the headphones. You can choose the listening mode: game or music, turn the microphone on or off, set the sensitivity of the microphone and the volume on the headphones.

Choose your gadget

The atmosphere of the game will certainly be enhanced by lighting effects. The headphone frame has built-in RGB lights that flash while in use. You can easily put yourself in a party mood.

Not only for games

Although they are called gaming headphones, in practice they have many more uses. NGD05-01 are also great for listening to music, because they work in two modes: they emit sound from all sides, as well as allow you to enjoy original, clear music flowing straight to your ears.

Convenient microphone

The headphones are equipped with a microphone that you can use during calls, e.g. on Skype. It perfectly picks up the human voice, eliminating interference from the environment. The microphone can be folded up when not in use. The very structure of the headphones, their proper adjustment to the ear is a guarantee of comfort without unnecessary pressure and receiving music exactly the way you like.

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