High Desk Tall Stand Monitor Support

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Nillkin HighDesk adjustable monitor stand

Get the perfect PC monitor viewing angle thanks to the Nillkin stand. The manufacturer offers a practical adjustable gadget that can let you make the perfect seating position while working or having fun. Enjoy comfort offered by the solid and aesthetic product!


  • Brand: Nillkin

  • Weight: 2,5 kg

  • Size: 394,9 x 252,9 x 54,1 mm

  • Adjustment range: from 11 to 18 cm

  • Load capacity: 15 kg

Major features:

  • easy adjustment to reach the desired height

  • aesthetic manufacture

  • modern design

  • solid gadget

  • comfortable and effective work

  • no back and neck aches

Ergonomic design

Nillkin HighDesk is an adjustable monitor stand known for its ergonomic design. You can use it to set the perfect height and angle used when working at your PC.

Why would you need a stand?

The adjustable monitor stand lets you quickly and easily set the equipment at a suitable height, at your eyes level. This is a fantastic solution, especially for tall people and the ones who spend a lot of time on their PC.

Solid manufacture

The anti-skidding silicone pads keep the stand stable. It has a considerable surface area and load capacity so that you can place a 15kg electronic unit on it. To manufacture it, metal was used and then its surface was powder painted. In effect, you can enjoy a great look and prevention of rust for a long time.

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