Qpow Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank 20000mAh with USB Type C Cable

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Baseus Qpow Digital Display quick charging power bank 20000mAh 22.5W (With Type-C Cable)

Do you use several electronic devices at a time? Do you often travel or spend time out of home and are not always able to charge your mobile phone or tablet? Baseus power bank is a solution you will appreciate. The device is available in an attractive and elegant design and remains highly capacious. It will be enough to charge the battery of your smartphone even a few times.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Type: Power bank with quick charging with an additional USB Type C cable
  • Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Lightning input voltage: 5 V/2 A, 9 V/2 A
  • USB type C input voltage: 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2 A
  • USB output voltage: 4,5 V/5 A, 5 V/4,5 A, 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2 A, 12 V/1,5 A
  • USB type C output voltage: 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2,22 A, 12 V/1,5 A
  • USB type C cable output voltage: 4,5 V/5 A, 5 V/4,5 A, 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2 A, 12 V/1,5 A
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Dimensions: 74,6 x 123 x 32,8 mm
  • USB output: 1
  • USB Type C output: 1
  • Lightning output: 1

Content of the set:

  • 1 x Powerbank with quick charging with an additional cable USB Type C

Major features:

  • Modern finish
  • Retractable cable USB Type C in the housing
  • Protection against overheating
  • Protection against overcharging
  • Digital clear display
  • Support to quick charging
  • Practical handle
  • Low weight

Interesting and modern look

Baseus power bank will surprise you with its attractive finish. It is relatively small and fits your palm well. Despite its small size, you are provided with 20000 mAh which you can use to fully charge many devices. An interesting solution is an additional cable with USB Type C output thanks to which you can connect a mobile phone or tablet.

Use-facilitating solutions

Thanks to the technology adopted, the power bank supports quick charging. This means that you can charge your mobile phone or another device in just a dozen minutes. Another strong point is a frontal digital display. You can use it to easily and quickly check the battery of your power bank and, if necessary, recharge it before you leave your home.


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