Spiral Tube Cable Organizer

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Lenght: 5m
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Ugreen Spiral Tube Cable Organizer, designed to organize cables connected to various types of equipment, computers, TV sets, Hi-Fi towers, or other devices, that are located in the office, home, shop or workshop.

Cable organizer greatly simplifies the organization of wires located e.g. under a desk or TV cabinet. The cables are hidden in a plastic sheath, so they take up less space.

The service of the cover is very easy and allows easy connection of many cables into a single bundle, which improves the aesthetics of a workplace or a desk in a room.

In addition to convenient cable laying, the grille also protects them from mechanical damage, which can occur, for example, by running over an office chair.


  • Diameter: 20 mm - 78.5 mm
  • 5 m length (can be cut)
  • Easy to use cable placement in the cover

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